Empatify – I understand, what I feel
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What are the reasons for what you feel?

Your needs are the force behind your thoughts and deeds. Check here to finds which of your needs await to be fulfilled.

Cards and poster of needs and feelings

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What are they useful for?

Empatify cards are much more than just an illustrated deck of cards of needs and feelings. We combined psychological and neuroscientific research data, as well as communication methods based on mutual respect and understanding, (non violent communication model) to create a complex tool for developing your emotional expertise.

Improving your communication skills

You will develop stronger bonds, you’ll resolve your conflicts faster, you’ll better understand intentions of others and improve communicating yours.

Efficient way to self – regulate emotions

You will regain control over your body’s impulses. You‘ll be able to notice what your body lacks and be able to consciously fulfil its needs.

Creativity and confidence

You will achieve ease in decision making undertaking action and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Who are they for?

Empatify cards can be used individually, in pairs, as well as in groups. 


We believe changing the world starts with you. That’s why we persisted on making them accessible and easy to use for everyone who values  their self – development. 

After purchasing the cards, you will gain access to the support group and exclusive live workshops, that will help you better your  skills.

Experts and liders.

Experts and liders. Psychologists, Psychotherapeutists, coaches and anyone who manages a team. If you count as one of the above, empatify cards will prove to be irreplaceable tool for working with people and breaking the ice.

Open your interlocutors for a conversation about your needs and feelings.

And it all began with a story of one sensitive Gucio, who got lost in his feelings…


Parents and teachers

Thanks to scenarios for games and practices, our product is great for working with young minds of every age, gender and stage of emotional development.

Soon in every pocket!

We are currently in the process of developing a new mobile app, which is soon going to be available for everyone. Do you wish to speed up the process of realising our dream?

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