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An original set of Empatify cards for independent work, in pairs or in larger groups. The cards are accompanied by instructions containing information on how to use them and scenarios of ready-made games and practices.

After purchasing, you will receive access to a closed community and online workshops organized within it.

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The illustrated feelings and needs cards are a compass through the world of emotions. It is a convenient and handy self-development tool that you can always have at hand. An indispensable aid when you need emotional support or self-regulation.

The mechanisms used in the cards are based on the most up-to-date knowledge in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. The cards enable you to name your feelings in a simple and easy way (even for people who have difficulty in defining what they feel) and to link your feelings to the needs behind them.


The cards are a tool suitable for both adults and children of all ages. They can be used as a tool for independent work, as a support in professional work or as a social game. 


  • recognise, name and deepen your understanding of emerging emotional states;
  • build healthier and more satisfying relationships (with yourself and others);
  • become more assertive and better able to cope with stressful situations;
  • resolve conflicts with others, as well as your internal ones, more easily;
  • control your emotions more effectively.

Included with the cards you will receive an instruction manual with more than 13 different ways to use the cards.

If you have any questions, you can write to us: contact@empatify.com

What do you get after the purchase?


35 cards printed on high-quality paper refined several times, with above-standard durability. The set includes 12 Feeling cards, 19 Need cards, 1 Feeling Compass card, and 3 bonus cards.
For ecological reasons, none of the new sets of cards is foiled (the cards are packed in a biodegradable bag).


A few ten-page booklet containing instructions for using the cards and scenarios of ready-made games and practices.


Access to a closed community – a support group where regular online empathy training is organized to develop members' competencies and learn how to use cards even more effectively.


A linen pouch for easy storage and safe transport of cards. It has been specially designed to hold both the entire deck and the rulebook.

Reviews added by buyers

  1. Mary

    The cards are very helpful in dialogue with oneself and working piece by piece, as well as in seeking agreement or conflict resolution with another person. They make it possible to clearly and even pleasantly capture and name the need or emotion in question. Nicely and thoughtfully produced, they invite to reach for them often and to explore this amazing world within ourselves.

  2. Eric

    I use the feelings and needs cards both in individual coaching sessions and in NVC workshops. They are very helpful when it comes to working with a youth. They help you to get in touch with yourself and your inner self in a different way than just using words. I highly recommend them 🙂

  3. Miko

    I was worried that this would be another impractical gadget. My fears were completely unfounded. The cards are a tool I have been returning to regularly at least a couple of times a week for months. Sometimes I just need to see what’s inside me by naming it appropriately. Being aware of empathy, feelings and needs is life-changing.
    And the poster, well it’s a hit! I highly recommend it!

  4. Jean

    The Empatify cards help me practice a combining knowledge/information from the list of feelings and needs with action. I find it helpful to review the feelings cards and then the needs cards, I may choose one or more cards and then combine them with the needs or in groups when I find that several themes have emerged. I use the cards more often by myself and occasionally with the children. The children find it extremely interesting. For them it is a new card game (and they really love games) and for me it is a tool to imperceptibly familiarize them with Nonviolent Communication in practice.

  5. Kate

    Thanks to the cards, it is much better and easier for me to work with my children as an educator. I find it easier to reach the children’s hearts. The cards also greatly help me in my relationship with my own children, often when we have a hectic time the children themselves ask for the cards so we can talk about their needs and emotions.

  6. Beatrice

    warmly welcome
    I am very pleased with the purchase and contact with you. I’m just starting to read, but I’m already looking at the cards and I’m amazed at the ability to put my feelings, emotions and desires into words.
    After the first empathy exercises, I begin the life of a real “observer of life”😊a writer and director and not, as always, an actor who is assigned a role☹

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