Empatify: Physical version

Cards of Needs and Feelings


An original set of Empatify cards for independent work, in pairs or in larger groups. The cards are accompanied by instructions containing information on how to use them and scenarios of ready-made games and practices.

After purchasing, you will receive access to a closed community and online workshops organized within it.

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Illustrated cards of feelings and needs are a compass through the world of emotions. It is a convenient and handy self-development tool. Indispensable help when you need emotional support or self-regulation.

The techniques used in the cards are based on the most up-to-date knowledge in fields related to neuroscience and psychology. The cards make it easy and simple to name your feelings (even for people who think they don’t feel anything!) and link your feelings with the needs behind them (based on Nonviolent Communication).

Empatify – illustrated cards of feelings and needs are a tool for self-development and a handy first aid kit for empathic help. The purpose of the cards is to facilitate and simplify the process of learning empathy, interpersonal communication, and the development of emotional self-awareness.
It is a kind of compass in the world of empathy.



  • 12 Feelings Cards
  • 19 Needs Cards
  • 1 Feelings Compass Card
  • 1 Listener’s Card
  • 1 Speaker’s card
  • 1 Empathetic Journey Map Card
  • Guide booklet with instructions
  • Linen bag

Additional information


35 cards printed on high-quality paper refined several times, with above-standard durability. The set includes 12 Feeling cards, 19 Need cards, 1 Feeling Compass card, and 3 bonus cards.
For ecological reasons, none of the new sets of cards is foiled (the cards are packed in a biodegradable bag).


A few ten-page booklet containing instructions for using the cards and scenarios of ready-made games and practices.


Access to a closed community – a support group where regular online empathy training is organized to develop members' competencies and learn how to use cards even more effectively.


A linen pouch for easy storage and safe transport of cards. It has been specially designed to hold both the entire deck and the rulebook.

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