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A complete set containing the original physical deck of cards with instructions and digital versions of the cards: for self-printing and adapted for mobile devices.

The perfect solution if you want to use traditional cards, but also want to be able to share them with others or throw them on your phone.


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Do you dream of living more harmoniously with yourself and with others? So that you embrace your emotions, rather than let your emotions embrace you? Or that your needs are not relegated to the background and are treated with equal respect to the needs of others? Or maybe you want the world you live in to simply be a more empathetic place?

Empatify is, on the one hand, an empathic first aid kit – helping you to regulate and understand our emotions.

On the other hand, it is a powerful tool to explore your inner self, identify your feelings and, last but not least, connect them with universal human needs. Initiate an important and light-hearted conversation with your child, partner or simply get to know yourself better.

Inside you will find all Empatify products:

  • physical feelings and needs cards
  • a printable version of the cards
  • a booklet explaining how to work on emotional development with the cards
  • the Compass of Feelings and universal Needs poster

No more slogans of “I don’t feel anything” or “I don’t know what I feel”, with this tool naming your feelings and discovering the needs behind them will become much easier.

The poster includes in its central part a compass of feelings, which makes it easier to find your feelings, thanks to the two universal prisms of our feelings: pleasure (or lack thereof) and stimulation (or tranquility).

Imagine how beautiful life can be when we take responsibility for our feelings. Instead of blaming others or feeling sorry for yourself, with more than 100 illustrations you will help your loved ones to connect their feelings with universal needs. And maybe it will also allow them to see your feelings and needs?


  • recognise your own or someone else’s emotional state;
  • find the needs behind the feelings that arise;
  • build healthy and satisfying relationships with yourself and others;
  • increase assertiveness and better handle stressful situations;
  • rebuild emotional resources;
  • resolve conflicts (including internal ones) more easily;
  • deepen your emotional understanding of yourself and others.

Together with the cards you will receive a manual containing 13 different ways to use the cards.

If you have any questions, you can write to us: contact@empatify.com

What do you get after the purchase?


35 cards printed on high-quality paper refined several times, with above-standard durability. The set includes 12 Feeling cards, 19 Need cards, 1 Feeling Compass card, and 3 bonus cards.
For ecological reasons, none of the new sets of cards is foiled (the cards are packed in a biodegradable bag).


A few ten-page booklet containing instructions for using the cards and scenarios of ready-made games and practices.


Poster in A1 size (59,4×84,1 cm), printed on high-quality refined chalk paper.


PDF file for easy and quick card printing. Each document contains ready-cut lines and is based on a color profile that enables good-quality printing with the lowest possible use of the printer's ink.


A PDF file prepared for users of mobile devices (phones, tablets) with a separate instruction (also in PDF format).


Access to a closed community – a support group where regular online empathy training is organized to develop members' competencies and learn how to use cards even more effectively.

Reviews added by buyers

  1. Dori

    What do you feel? What do you need? These are the questions we have been asking ourselves and others for the past six months at the weekly Empathy Trainings at Empatify – I understand what I feel. Authenticity, humility, sensitivity, the ability to listen attentively, naming my own feelings and needs and those of the participants in the meetings are qualities that dynamically develop as a result of the trainings. I also use Empatify cards for individual work – keeping an empathic diary, which allows me to develop a better and better connection with myself. I am more grounded in what I want and what I don’t want, I feel the flow more often than I used to and what is alive in me. As much as it makes my head spin sometimes, it is so satisfying, even if the event I am relating to is difficult and painful. Finally, they are also a great game during social gatherings, because they can be played (with attention!) as charades, for example!

  2. Claudia

    I reach for the Empatify Cards with joy❣️😃 Wednesday evening group meetings with the cards show how many ways they can help me connect with myself and those close to me – the scenarios for the cards themselves, included in the instructions, are very inspiring ☀️

  3. Stef

    I have been working with cards for 6 months now. It is a tool that helps me to identify and name my feelings and needs. My communication with the environment and my own inner self has definitely improved 😃 Deeply therapeutic! Highly recommended !
    The cards are wonderful. They are good to work with. Highly recommend!

  4. Jean

    The Empatify cards help me practice a combining knowledge/information from the list of feelings and needs with action. I find it helpful to review the feelings cards and then the needs cards, I may choose one or more cards and then combine them with the needs or in groups when I find that several themes have emerged. I use the cards more often by myself and occasionally with the children. The children find it extremely interesting. For them it is a new card game (and they really love games) and for me it is a tool to imperceptibly familiarize them with Nonviolent Communication in practice.

  5. Marge

    The cards are excellent. They are amazing to work with. Highly recommended!

  6. Rob

    The Empatify cards have helped me to connect with what is real and alive in me. With the cards, I bypass the patterns written in my mind to get to the causes.

  7. Kate

    Thanks to the cards, it is much better and easier for me to work with my children as an educator. I find it easier to reach the children’s hearts. The cards also greatly help me in my relationship with my own children, often when we have a hectic time the children themselves ask for the cards so we can talk about their needs and emotions.

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