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Poster is a great tool and room decor in one. Hang it in a conspicuous place and daily notice your feelings and our common needs behind everything we say and do. You can use it for spontaneous conversations with loved ones or clients.

The product is also available in a set – link.


Poster in A1 size (59,4×84,1 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches), printed on high-quality refined chalk paper.


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Unleash your empathy, improve communication, feel happiness in your relationships.  

Do you dream of living more harmoniously with yourself and with others? So that you embrace your emotions, rather than let your emotions embrace you? Or that your needs are not relegated to the background and are treated with equal respect to the needs of others? Or maybe you want the world you live in to simply be a more empathetic place?

A poster with a compass of feelings and universal human needs is the perfect tool and room embellishment in one. Display it well and pay attention to feelings and our common needs every day.

Feelings compass and universal needs

No more slogans of “I don’t feel anything” or “I don’t know what I feel”, with this tool naming your feelings and discovering the needs behind them will become much easier.

The poster includes in its central part a compass of feelings, which makes it easier to find your feelings, thanks to the two universal prisms of our feelings: pleasure (or lack thereof) and stimulation (or tranquility).

Imagine how beautiful life can be when we take responsibility for our feelings. Instead of blaming others or feeling sorry for yourself, with more than 100 illustrations you will help your loved ones to connect their feelings with universal needs. And maybe it will also allow them to see your feelings and needs?

Supporting questions on the poster

At the top of the poster there are several inspiring questions that help to stay in touch with our needs and values which is a key to understanding. If we are aware of our needs we can constructively put the energy flowing from our feelings to use to create a world we all want to live in

A perfect tool for a specialist and help for anyone who wants more authentic relationships and communication in their lives.

If you have any questions, you can write to us: contact@empatify.com

Technical parameters:
A1 size poster (59.4×84.1 cm), printed on high-quality refined coated paper. The poster offered is without a frame.

What do you get after the purchase?


Poster in A1 size (59,4×84,1 cm), printed on high-quality refined chalk paper.

Reviews added by buyers

  1. Barbara

    Wonderful and wise and practical!

  2. Emotions and needs are important

    It is very good that it has been developed and is available. In fact, emotions determine the quality of our lives. This knowledge is still not there
    sufficiently widespread.

  3. Alex

    Very good idea. It should be in every home.

  4. Helps hear yourself

    When I look at an empathify poster, I analyze my emotions and give them names. Through this process, I begin to understand what needs are unmet, which ultimately brings me relief. I become more aware of my feelings and needs, which allows me to deal with my emotions better. I highly recommend it for establishing connections with yourself and others ❤️

  5. Betty

    Great poster, great help for kids and adults!

  6. Paula Shields

    Paula Shields

  7. hyle czepiel

    hyle czepiel

  8. Sara

    It’s a very cool thing, by spending time at the wheel of emotions you can surprise yourself 🤪, naming your own emotions by name… It’s just fun 😉

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